You will receive £ 0,25 cents for every review you write that has at least 350 characters and you will need to provide your order number while placing a review to proof your a real customer. Minimum payout is £15,00. Within 7 business days we transfer the money to your iBAN or PayPal account.
You can write a second review after 30 days.
Simple, we compensate you with a small financial payment for your time writing quality reviews so we build a nice community sharing their stories about webshops and companies in general.
You sure can! In your account under refferals you will find your unique refferal link, sent this to companies who you think will love joining the Feedbackplatform. If the company becomes a paying customer within 30 days of clicking on your link we will issue a £15,00 compensation to you. There is no limit in reffering companies.
In your reviewer account under account settings you can set an alias which will change the displayed name for all your reviews. We recommend using your real name so the company knows who you are and can find your order information based on your name.
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"Independent review platform for webshops to gain valuable customers insights. We are the only company who compensate our reviewers for their time to get higher quality reviews."

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